Our Profile

VOICE OF THE POOR FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL is a charity organization (registered under Federal Government registration Act 1990 Corporate Affairs Commission). Established in 1996 in Anambra Southeast – Nigeria, as a care center for Persons with Disabilities (PWD), we have grown into an organization offering comprehensive integrated support and services for most vulnerable people through our initiatives: rehabilitation, education and training, supplementary education, rehabilitation center for poor, as well as emergency relief.

In VOICE OF THE POOR FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL – the Home for Persons with Disabilities, 108 disabled persons are provided residential care services, education and welfare. The center is an integrated support unit having residential facilities, vocational training center, training workshops and specialty clinic. Situated in the Oka-Uga in Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State, the Konigin Des Friedens is a landmark in the area.

The foundation does not exclude, priori anyone from benefiting from its multifarious programme. It is a foundation destined to the alleviation of the sufferings of the poor people in our midst. As the name depicts, it is the voice of the voiceless, the medium through which poor people can be heard. The primary objective of the foundation is to create for the poor people, the possibility of being heard (apart from the secondary dimension which alleviation of the suffering of the poor to some extent).

There exist negative attitudes and social taboos against PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES (PWD) in many parts of the World and that includes Nigeria. This leads to the neglect of these vulnerable people hampering the development of their God-given potentials. To many parents, it is a waste of resources and an unnecessary bother to send the physically challenged such as the deaf, the blind or the cripple to school. These children are usually marginalized and many of them die in agony. Therefore, VOICE OF THE POOR FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL has a wider sphere-of-activity for targeting services it perceives as fundamental to increasing Persons with Disabilities potential quality-of-life.

Voice of the Poor Foundation International has been able to train individuals in Nigeria and Foreign Universities. The foundation has equally handled, in totality, the Marriage ceremonies of various couples in accordance to the Tradition of the Nigerian society. Asides her philanthropic activities, she has equally opened a home for Disables known as Vila Miserecordia Dei (Home for Disable). She equally has a Collage for the Orphans and the less privilege in the society known as Konigin Des Friedens. It is a place where the hopeless are blessed with Hope. It equally has a higher institution (TANSIAN UNIVERSITY), where over 2000 student are schooling there on full scholarships, thereby giving Hope to them.

Our Objectives & Principles

  • To establish, promote, support and engage in social upliftment of people with disabilities
  • To focus attention on their career development and helping them to get placed in jobs making them financially independent;
  • To assist them in bringing their hidden potential to the surface level by providing free education, vocational and career guidance;
  • To facilitate rehabilitation of people with disabilities through free education, vocational skill development, etc;
  • To work in the direction of solving their adjustment problems within their families and society;
  • To take steps to improve the availability of trained work force among the people with disabilities;
  • To encourage change and innovation and bring sharper technological focus on the People with Disabilities;
  • To provide opportunities for training and leadership, public service, effective organization, effective communication and public relations to People with Disabilities;
  • To help parents of People with Disabilities by educating them on various aspects of the disability of their child;
  • To extend support for improving quality of life by taking care of their mental health;
  • To extend support by instituting scholarships or other means of achieving excellence in areas having a bearing on economic well-being of the poor disabled;
  • To extend support to any activity relating to improvement in management, technology, product quality and productivity in various facets of economic life which will directly or indirectly contribute to economic upliftment of the disabled;
  • To sensitize common people about the condition of People with Disabilities;
  • To conduct research and studies to formulate innovative, creative and meaningful development programmes for the special people;
  • To publish and print literature, journals and articles for encouraging programmes for upliftment of the persons with physical challenges and produce movies, video films and souvenirs for the aforesaid purposes;
  • To devote itself to improving the mental health and looking after their personality development so that they are able to feel independent and mentally strong;
  • To create opportunity for social and cultural activities for mainstreaming of their talents.

In realizing our vision, purpose and core values, we are guided by the following principles:

  • We are passionate, innovative and fearless in the promotion and defense of the rights and interests of people with disability
  • We are accessible and responsive to people with disability
  • We encourage, empower and support the civic participation of people with disability
  • We are collaborative and supportive in our relationships within the disability rights movement as a whole
  • We are accountable for our activities to people with disability generally and to the public
  • We always act with honesty and integrity
  • We are resourceful and efficient in the marshalling and management of the resources needed to undertake our work.

Our Beliefs & Core Values

We believe that people with disability, irrespective of age, gender, cultural or linguistic background, religious beliefs, geographic location, sexuality, or the nature, origin, or degree of disability:

  • have a right to life and to bodily integrity;
  • are entitled to a decent standard of living, an adequate income and to lead active and satisfying lives;
  • are people first, with human, legal, and service user rights that must be recognized and respected;
  • are entitled to the full enjoyment of citizenship rights and responsibilities;
  • are entitled to live free from prejudice, discrimination and vilification;
  • are entitled to social support and adjustments as a right and not as the result of pity, charity or the exercise of social control;
  • contribute substantially to the intellectual, cultural, economic and social diversity and well-being of the society;
  • possess many skills and abilities, and have enormous potential for life-long growth and development;
  • are entitled to live in, and be a part of, the diversity of the community;
  • have the right to participate in the formulation of those policies and programs that affect our lives; and
  • must be empowered to exercise their rights and  responsibilities, without fear of retribution.


  • The Social Model of Disability
  • Equality, Diversity and Human Rights
  • An Inclusive Society
  • Self-determination
  • Beacon of best practice
  • Committed to achieving quality

Foundation Motive

On the underlying motive(s) of the foundation, the founder – Msgr. John Bosco Akam spoke:
The underlying motive of the foundation is basically the practical application of what has remained in people in form of ideas. You see, there is a lot of preaching, campaigns and speeches here and there: option for the poor, ever-readiness to look for the poorest of the poor, to help them and so on, by different organization, groupings and countries. But in this foundation, we have in mind the practical application of ourselves (the members of VPF) and the society to the cause of poor people. The motive therefore, is centered on the alleviation of the sufferings of the poor, not the total obliteration of suffering, for this is practically impossible in our own world. But could we not do something, no matter how small, for the poor among us? So to achieve this objective, I felt I could not do that single-handedly. Then, I had to form a foundation such that the crew of the foundation would engage in full blown diverse activities... the foundation will, through those activities bring about some relief to some poor people.

As to when the foundation was conceived and formalized, Msgr. John Bosco Akam (founder) explained:
The concept of this idea is quite long ago, but I gave it accent or made it to come to limelight in 1985, when I was in Belgium. Through some help from friends and benefactors overseas, I was able to get something started by way of foundation. From that time the foundation existed de facto and not de jure. De facto in the sense of moving out of my way to help the poor people without signing papers, without writing, without organizing conferences and seminars and without even allowing people to know what I was doing. That was the time it actually stated, in 1985. It has taken many processes. For years I have been engaged in this apostolate incognito - I never allowed people to know what I was doing... That has led me to a series of projects for poor people all these years. Then, in the earlier part of this year (1996), we had to give it official approbation which is already accepted in some countries in Europe. So, it’s coming to public in a formalized way is simply this year (1996).

Our Position

A World Report on Disability published by the World Health Organization in 2011 indicates now that an estimated more than one billion people, or 15% of the world population, live with some form of disabilities around the world!

With the adoption of the United Nations, VOICE OF THE POOR FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL has over the years provided Persons with Disabilities an instrument that allows them to no longer just aspire to charity and condescendence, but to full inclusion in their respective societies. Ensuring the promotion, protection and implementation of the rights of Persons with Disabilities is not an easy task and will not be achieved without the contribution and collective efforts of civil society organizations both nationally and internationally based.

It is in this connection that VOICE OF THE POOR FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL is positioned as an innovative non-profit organization working to promote the full realization of the rights of Persons with Disabilities. Far too often disability is viewed as a health or charity issue but VOICE OF THE POOR FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL believes that persons with disabilities should be seen as an asset for the future of their countries rather than a burden to avoid. It is not so much a question of curing the impairments of Persons With Disabilities as it is a question of removing society made barriers (stereotypes, inaccessible environment, lack of reasonable accommodation) preventing the full and productive inclusion of Persons With Disabilities in absolutely all areas and forms of society life. It is a matter of putting ability and human dignity first.

In this regard, VOICE OF THE POOR FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL as an international NGO, is open to persons with all forms of disabilities, but it appeals equally to persons without disabilities, who are invited to work, as active partners, for the promotion of the equal human rights of Persons with Disabilities.

VOICE OF THE POOR FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL is also universal in its territorial ambit, its activities extend to all countries of the world.

VOICE OF THE POOR  FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL seek UN assistance to enhance the on-going Sponsorship Project of 172 selected Handicapped children in Nigeria; facilitate their schooling with funds, hostels/dormitories, educational materials, clothing, school uniforms, footwear, school bags, textbooks, stationery, Medicare, welfare, well chair, clothes etc.

We love the disabled just as they are. We care for their well-being and are concerned for their development

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